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Important Notice about the Ribes Collection

During the July 2015 NFC Advisory Committee meeting, Defra's advisory committee confirmed its recommendation that the NFC should look to formally deaccess its Ribes (black/red/whitecurrant) collections on site. In line with the current policy of the NFC Accession/Deaccession Committee (see Defra project GC0143 final report Appendix 2: A Draft Accession/Deaccession policy for the NFC, 2014) it is our intention to amalgamate the currant collections within the existing collections held at the James Hutton Institute. Accessions at Brogdale are expected to be deaccessed following a rationalisation of duplicates and an assessment of health status, by transferring material through the JHI quarantine facility.

Material from the collections is expected to remain available from the NFC during the winter of 2015 (allowing for limitations due to the need to repropagate accessions for transfer, and specific plant health restrictions on the blackcurrant collection). Material is expected to be available from the James Hutton Institute in the future.

Accessions and Deaccessions

As part of the scientific curation, the National Fruit Collection will develop as a dynamic resource. Over time, some accessions will be removed from the collections and replaced by new material. This section of the site aims to detail changes in the contents of the collection.

Details of newly accessed material will be added shortly.
As part of our scientific curation of the National Fruit Collection we are running an ongoing process to assess the contents of individual collections. In cases where we identify duplicated accessions (which generally arise as a consequence of either mislabelling or synonymy) these will be removed from the collections.
At the time of repropagation of the new pear collection it was believed that the following accessions were either mislabelled or synonymous duplicates of other accessions held in the collection and this has been supported by genetic fingerprint data generated by East Malling Research as part of Defra project GC0139/40:
  • Sos (1948-438)
  • Comice Bodson (2001-090)
  • Conseiller a la Cour (1996-026)
  • Double de Guerre (1935-019)
  • Maxine (1969-033)
  • Seigneur Esperen (1975-352)
These accessions were therefore not included in the new collection and will be physically deaccessed at the end of 2012. The accessions which the above were found to be replicates of, and will be retained in the new pear collection are, respectively as follows:
  • Easter Beurre (2001-051)
  • Doyenne du Comice (1973-200)
  • Marechal de Cour (1935-061)
  • Dubbele Kreeftpeer (1972-014)
  • Starking Delicious (1961-102)
  • Fondante d'Automne (1973-330)
Further to this, Jean D'Arc (False) (1973-329) had been previously suggested to be a mislabelled duplicate of Pitmaston Duchess (1978-325). Again, genetic fingerprint data support this and the accession was replaced in the new collection with a new accession: Jean D'Arc (1997-013). Accession 1973-329 will therefore also be physically deaccessed at the end of 2012.