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Duchess of Oldenburg

Culinary / Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Known in Russia in the 1700s or earlier but first known in the UK in about 1817. Fruits have firm, juicy flesh with a subacid and fair flavour.

Augustapfel, Baravinka, Baroveski, Barovesky, Barovisky, Barovitsky, Barowiski, Barowisky, Barowistky, Barowitsky, Borawinskji, Borawinskoje, Borovinka, Borovinka krapchataya, Borovinka krasnaya, Borovinka raspisnaya, Borovinskoye yabloko, Borovitki, Borovitski, Borovitsky, Borowicki, Borowicky, Borowinka, Borowisky, Borowitski, Borowitsky, Borowizki, Boroyitsky, Bravinskaye, Chardamowka, Charlamoskischer Nallivia, Charlamousky, Charlamovka, Charlamovska, Charlamovski, Charlamovsky, Charlamowiski, Charlamowska, Charlamowski, Charlamowski d'Automne, Charlamowskircher Nalleoid, Charlamowskischer Nalivi, Charlamowskischer Nalleoid, Charlamowsky, Charlamowsky d'Automne, Charlamowsky'scher Nalivi, Charlamowskyscher Nalivia, Charlowsky, d'Oldenbourg, de Lait, der Charlamowski, Dombrowski, Duchess, Duchess of Oldenberg, Duchess of Oldenburgh, Duchesse, Duchesse d'Oldenbourg, Duchesse d'Oldenbourgh, Duchesse d'Oldenburg, Duchesse d'Oldenburgh, Duchesse of Oldenburg, Duchesse of Oldenburgh, Dutchess of Oldenburgh, Early Joe, Eraste Apfel, Harlamovoskoe, Krapchatoe, Nalivic, Nalivu, New Brunswick, Oldenburg, Oldenburg Charlamovsky, Oldenburgh, Queen Mary, Roter Barowinka, Sarlemovske, Smith's Beauty of Newark
Material available from the National Fruit Collection.
Material held in the Marcher Apple Network collections (Tredomen)
Mother to:
Flat globose 2
large 2
58.00mm 2
71.00mm 2
weak 2
Ground Colour
Whitish yellow 2
Over Colour
Orange 2
Over Colour (Pattern)
striped 2
crisp 2
Flesh Colour
White 2

Accession No.
1957 - 190


Accession name
Duchess of Oldenburg
Flowering time  ›››
29th April10% flowering
4th MayFull (80%) flowering
11th May90% petal fall
Picking time
Mid August 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register