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Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Thought to be of German origin, either from Borsdorf in Meissen or near Leipzig. Recorded as early as the 1500s. Fruits have firm flesh with a sweet, vinous flavour.

Birstof, Blagorodnoe Borsdorfskoe, Blanche de Leipsic, Blanche de Leipsig, Blanche de Leipsigk, Blanche de Leipzig, Bohmischer Borsdorfer, Borsdoff, Borsdoffer, Borsdorf, Borsdorf a longue queue, Borsdorf Hative, Borsdorfer, Borsdorfer Apfel, Borsdorfer Appel, Borsdorfer Apple, Borsdorfer Gold, Borsdorfer Nobile, Borsdorfer Queen's Apple, Borsdorff, Borsdorff Apple, Borsdorffer, Borsdorfiana nobile, Borsdorfskoe, Borsdorfskoe blagorodnoe, Borsdorfskoe zimnee, Borsdorfskoye blagorodnoye, Borstof, Borstoff a longue queue, Borstoff Hative, Borstoffer, Borstorf, Borstorfer, Borstorff a Longue Queue, Borstorff Hative, Borstorffer, Bursdoff, Bursdorff, Bursdorffer, Bursztowka szlachetna, de Borsdorf, de Prochain, Deutscher Maschanzker, Deutscher Maschanzkerl, Edel Borsdorfer, Edel Winterborsdorfer, Edel- Borsdorfer, Edelborstorfer, Edler Winter Borsdorfer, Edler Winter Borsdorffer, Edler Winter- Borsdorfer, Edler Winter-Borstorfer, Edler Winterborsdorfer, Edler Winterborstorfer, Edler Winterborstorffer, Elder Winterborstorfer, Ganet Pippin, Garret Pippin, Grand Bohemian Borsdorfer, Grand Bohemian Borsdorffer, Grand Bohemian Pippin, Grand- Bohemian-Borsdorffer, Herbstborsdorfer, King, King Apple, King George, King George III, King George of the Third, King George the Third, King George Third, l'Orgueil des Germains, Lavantthaler Maschansker, Le grand Bohemian Borsdorfer, Le Grand Bohemian Borsdorffer, Le Grand- Bohemien Borsdorffer, Le Grand-Bohemian Borsdorfer, Leipziger Reinette, Marschansker, Marschanzker, Masance, Masanczi alma, Masanschi, Masanszki alma, Maschansker, Maschanskerl, Maschanzker, Maschanzkerl, Maschanzkez, Meissner Kreis, Mieschenskerapfel, Mischenske Jobliko, Mischensky Kray, Misen Ceska, Misenske, Orgueil des Germains, Pomme de Borsdorf, Pomme de Prochain, Pomme Prochain, Porstorfer, Porstorffer, Postdoff, Postophe, Postophe d'Hiver, Queen Apple, Queen Charlotte's Apple, Queen's, Queen's Apple, Queens, Red Borsdorfer, Red Borsdorffer, Reinette Borsdorfer, Reinette Batard, Reinette Batarde, Reinette Batarde de Leipsick, Reinette Batarde de Leipsigk, Reinette Borsdoffer, Reinette Borsdorfer, Reinette Borsdorffer, Reinette d'Allemagne, Reinette d'Allemayne, Reinette de Leipsig, Reinette de Misnie, Reinette Misnia, Renet de Borsdorf, Renetta di Borsdorf, Renetta Nobile di Borsdorf, Tiroler Borsdorfer, Tiroler Maschanzker, Vzacna misen, Weiner Maschanzkerl, Weiner Maschanzkerz, Weiner Maschauzker, Wiener Maschansker, Wiener Maschanzker, Wiener Maschanzkerl, Winter Bordstorfer of Nikatas, Winter Borsdorfer, Winter Borsdorffer, Witte Leipsiger, Witte Leipziger, Wittle Leipziger
Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

Accession No.
1951 - 166


Accession name
Flowering time  ›››
8th May10% flowering
14th MayFull (80%) flowering
22nd May90% petal fall
Picking time
Mid October 1
medium 1
Flat globose 1
63.29 mm 1
67.70 mm 1
absent 1
absent 1
Ground Colour
Whitish yellow 1
Over Colour
Pink 1
Over Colour Amount
very low 1
Over Colour Pattern
washed out/solid flush 1
low 1
crisp 1
juicy 1
Flesh Colour
White 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register