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The new help section is still under construction. Full details of all the search options will be available soon.

Search by Name:
This will search the database by name. The database contains a list of synonyms for apple varieties (mostly taken from the National Apple Register of the UK, Smith 1971).
Use the 'Expand Search' function to reduce the strictness of the search to potentially find more matches.
Search by Number:
This allows specific copies (clones) of a variety to be found using their accession number. Only details of the specified accession are displayed, but where other copies of the same variety are maintained in the collection, a link to this further information is provided at the bottom of the page.
List All (A-Z):
This function will list all current varieties (as individual accessions) of a selected crop, with the option of specifying the first letter of the name.
Most of the fruits in the collection can be search for descriptive characters, such as fruit shape, size, and flowering time (specific to each crop).
Multiple selections can be made for each character by holding down the 'Ctrl' key.
Different character traits can also be combined, either by selcting muliple trait on the initial search page, or by selecting the 'Search List >>' option from the result page, which allows another search to be performed on the existing set of results.
Accessing Data:
Click on a name to view all the available information on it, including photographs. General information on a variety is displayed initially, followed by specific information for each accession held in the collection.
Additional data on any varieties listed as parents or offspring (including sports) can be accessed be clicking on the name.
If the link is to a specific accession, only information about that particular material will be presented (though this will include general information on the variety), even if other accessions of the variaty exist in the collection. However, a link to all data is available in such cases.