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Devonshire Quarrenden

Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Thought to have arisen in Devon, but may have originally come from France. First recorded in 1678. Fruits are sweet, crisp and juicy with a distinctive aromatic flavour.

Annat Scarlet, Devon Quarrenden, Devon shire Red Quarrenden, Devonshire Quarenden, Devonshire Quarrender, Devonshire Quarrendon, Devonshire Quarrington, Englischer Scharlach Pepping, Englischer Scharlach Roter Sommer Pepping, Englischer Scharlach Sommer Pepping, Englischer Scharlachroter Sommer Pepping, Englisher Scharlach Peppin, Morgenrot Apfel, Morgenrotapfel, Pepin alyi, Pippin Scarlet, Pomme ImpTriale, Quarentine, Quarrenden, Quarrendon du Comite de Devon, Quarrendon du Comte de Devon, Quarrington, Red Quaren den, Red Quarenthe, Red Quarentine, Red Quarrenden, Red Quarrendon, Red Quarringden, Roter Quarrenden, Roter Quarrendon, Sack, Sack Apple, Scarlet Pippin, Scharlach Pepping, Sharlakhovyi pepin, Tsyganka
Material available from the National Fruit Collection.
Mother to:
Ben's Red
Newport Cross
Thoday's Quarrenden
Tydeman's Harvest
Worcester Pearmain
Flat 2
medium 2
32.00mm 2
51.00mm 2
weak-medium 2
Ground Colour
Green yellow 2
Over Colour
Brown 2
Over Colour (Amount)
very high 2
Medium 2
crisp 2
Flesh Colour
White 2

Accession No.
1957 - 189


Accession name
Devonshire Quarrenden
Flowering time  ›››
3rd May10% flowering
7th MayFull (80%) flowering
13th May90% petal fall
Picking time
Mid August 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register