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Golden Pippin

Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Originated in England. It was recorded in 1629. Fruits have firm, crisp flesh with a sweet, subacid and rich flavour.

American Plat, American Plate, Angliiskii pepin, Balgone Golden Pippin, Balgone Pippin, Balgowan, Balgowan Pippin, Balgown, Balgown Pippin, Barford, Barrod Pippin, Bayforbury, Bayford, Bayfordbury Golden Pippin, Bayfordbury Pippin, d'Or, Elford Golden Pippin, Engelsche Goud pepping, Engelse Goud Pepping, Englis'cher Goldpepping, Englische gelbe Pipe, Englische Reinette, Englischer Gold Pepping, Englischer Gold-Pepping, Englischer Goldpepping, English Golden Pippin, English Goud Pepping, English Reinette, Englishce Goud-Pepping, Franc-Pepin, Fry's Golden Pippin, Gale-Pepin, Gelbe Englische Pipe, Gol-Pepin, Gold Pepping, Goldpepping, Goud, Goud Appel, Goud Apple, Goud Pepping, Goudappel, Goudeling's Pepping, Goudelings Peppin, Gouden Pippeling, Gould-Pippin, Goulden Pippins, Goule-Pepin, Gulden Pepping, Gulden Pipping, Guolden Peppins, Guolden Peppius, Herefordshire Golden Pippin, Kleiner Gold Pepping, Kleiner Goldpepping, Koening's Peppelin, Koening's Pippelin, Koening's Pippeling, Konig's Pippelin, Konig's Pippeling, Koning's Pepelin, Koning's Pippelin, Krymskoe zolotoe semechko, Latour's Golden Pippin, le Petit Pepin d'Or, Litle Pepping, Little Pepping, Little Pippin, London Golden Pippin, Milford Pippin, Milton Golden Pippin, Old Golden Pippin, Pepin d'Angleterre, Pepin d'Or, Pepin d'Or (le petit), Pepin d'Or d'Angleterre, Pepin Dore d'Angleterre, Pepin Nonpareil, Pepin zolotoi angliiskii, Pepinnonpareil, Peppelings, Pepping d'Angleterre, Pepping d'Or, Pepping Nonpareil, Petit Pepin d'Or, Petit Pepping, Petit Pepping d'Or, Petite-Reinette d'Angleterre, Pippin, Pippin d'Or, Plate America, Pomme d'Or, Pomme d'Or d'Angleterre, Reinette d'Angleterre, Reinette d'Angleterre Ancienne, Reinette d'Or, Reinette Doree, Reinette Doree d'Angleterre, Reinette Doree de Vitry, Reinette Grise Doree, Reinette Jaune Tardive, Reinette Pepin Dore, Reinette Pomme d'Or, Rousse-Jaune Tardive, Rousset Golden Pippin, Russet Gold Pippin, Russet Golden Pippin, Small Golden Peppin, Small Golden Pippin, Small Goldin Pippin, Small Golding Pippin, True Golden Pippin, Warter's Golden Pippin, Warters's Golden Pippin, Water's Golden Pippin
Material available from the National Fruit Collection.
Material held in Tidnor Wood National Collection® of Malus (Cider making)
Mother to:
Pitmaston Pine Apple
Court of Wick
Father to:
May Beauty
Yellow Ingestrie
Downton Pippin

Accession No.
1946 - 024


Accession name
Golden Pippin (Miller)
Flowering time  ›››
5th May10% flowering
10th MayFull (80%) flowering
18th May90% petal fall
Picking time
Early October 1
small 1
Flat globose 1
weak 1
absent 1
Ground Colour
Yellow 1
Over Colour
Orange 1
Over Colour Amount
absent 1
Over Colour Pattern
washed out 1
low-medium 1
crisp 1
Flesh Colour
White 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register