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Golden Reinette

Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Thought to have originated in Europe. It has been known in England since the mid 1600s. Fruits have crisp, yellow flesh with a sweet subacid flavour.

Aurore, Calville jaune tardive, Court Pendu Dore, Court Pendu Doree, Court-Pendu Dore, Court-Pendu Doree, Court-Pendu-Doree, Crackling Pippin, Duhamel Golden Reinette, Duhamel Goldreinette, Duhamel's Goldreinette, Duhamels Goldreinette, Dundee, Edle Goldreinette, Edle Goldrenette, Elisabet, Elisabeth, Elizabet, Elizabeth, Englese Pippin, Englischer Pepping, Englischer Pippin, Englise Pippin, English Pippin, Franzosische Goldreinette, Geele fransche Renet, Geele Renet, Gelbe Goldreinette, Gelbe Reinette, Golden Reinette de Kirke, Golden Renet, Golden Renett, Golden Renette, Golden Rennet, Golden Rennett, Grosser Borsdorfer, Guldrenett, Hollandische Konigs Pippin, Hollandische Koning's Pippin, Hollandse Pipping, Jaune Tardive, Kick's Golden Rennet, Kirk's Golden Reinette, Kirke's Golden Reinette, Konig's Hand Apple, Konigs Hand Apfel, Koning's Hand Apple, Madame court- pendu doree, Megginch Favorite, Megginch Favourite, Old Gold Reinette, Old Golden Reinette, Orleans Reinette, Pearmain Chester, Pearmain Dore, Pomme Madame, Princess Noble, Princesse Noble, Reinette Bellefleur, Reinette Couleuvree, Reinette d'Aix, Reinette d'Or, Reinette d'Oree, Reinette de Lorraine, Reinette de Sicile, Reinette des Dames, Reinette Doree, Reinette Doree de Mr. Duhamel, Reinette Doree de Vitry, Reinette Doree des Francais, Reinette Doree Duhamel, Reinette Geelen, Reinette Giden, Reinette Gielen, Reinette Golden, Reinette Grain d'Or, Reinette Grise Doree, Reinette Jaune, Reinette Jaune Doree, Reinette Jaune Tardive, Reinette Rousse, Reinette Sicilienne, Reinette Triomph, Reinette Tulipe, Reinette Tulipee, Reinette Vermeille, Reinette zolotioi iz Vitri, Russet Pine Apple, Spate gelbe Reinette, Spate Goldreinette, Wicker Pippin, Wigers, Wijker Pippeling, Wygers, Wyker Peppeling, Wyker Pepping, Wyker Pippin, Wyker Pipping, Yellow Germain Reinette, Yellow German, Yellow German Reinette, Yellow Reinette
Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

Accession No.
2000 - 038


Accession name
Golden Reinette
Flowering time  ›››
6th May10% flowering
12th MayFull (80%) flowering
20th May90% petal fall
Picking time
Early October 1
large 1
Globose conical 1
65.02 mm 1
73.23 mm 1
very weak 1
medium 1
Ground Colour
Yellow 1
Over Colour
Orange 1
Over Colour Amount
medium 1
Over Colour Pattern
striped/washed out 1
low 1
crisp 1
Flesh Colour
Yellowish 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register