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Norman's Pippin

Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Thought to have been imported into East Anglia from Flanders. Recorded in 1900. It was awarded the Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1900. Fruits have soft, greenish white flesh with a sweet, rich flavour.

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.
Material held in the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust collection (link to website)
Material held in the Marcher Apple Network collections (Tredomen)
Flat globose 2
medium 2
51.00mm 2
63.00mm 2
absent 2
Ground Colour
Green yellow 2
very low 2
Flesh Colour
Greenish 2

Accession No.
1950 - 044


Accession name
Norman's Pippin
Flowering time  ›››
8th May10% flowering
13th MayFull (80%) flowering
21st May90% petal fall
Picking time
Late October 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register