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Roter Stettiner

Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Originated in Germany. First described in 1598 as Vineuse Rouge and first called Roter Stettiner in 1776. Fruits have firm, fine, greenish white flesh with a subacid, sweet flavour.

Ada-Apfel, Adam, Annaberger, Bamberger, Beitigheimer, Belle Hervey, Belle-Hervey, Berliner, Berliner Glas, Berliner Glasapfel, Berliner Glossapfel, Berliner Gross Apfel, Bietesheimer, Bietigheimer, Bietigheimer Red, Bietigheimer Roter, Bietigheimer Rouge, Blut Reinette, Blut-Reinette, Bodickheimer, Bodigheimer, Bolzen, Bolzenapfel, Botzen, Braun-Butter, Butter-Apfel, Calviller, Cervene stetinske, d'Adam, d'Annaberg, d'Hiver, de Hardi, de Jardi, de Jardy, de Paradis d'Hiver, de Rostock, de Seigneur d'Hiver, de Seigneur rouge, de Stettin, Eisenapfel, Eisern, Garten, Glas, Guly-Muly, Herren, Herrenapfel, Kack, Kaiserkrone, Kalvaruze, Kohl, Krasnaia scetina, Krasnava shchetina, Krautlander, Kreutlander, Kuchle, Mahler, Malapfel, Maler, Maler Apfel, Maler-Apfel, Malerapfel, Mat, Matapfel, Mela di Stettino Rossa, Mohrenstettiner, Paradies, Paradies Apfel, Podoliskoe krasnoe, Pomme de Fer Vineuse, Pomme Rouge de Stettin, Red Beitigheimer, Red Bietigheimer, Rohwiener, Rosen, Rosenapfel, Rossa di Stettino, Rostocker, Rot Apfel, Rotbacher, Rotbodemer, Rotbolg, Rotbreitling, Rote Reinette, Roter Asbacher, Roter Bamberger, Roter Bietigheimer, Roter Bodigheimer, Roter Calvill, Roter Glas, Roter Hart, Roter Hern Apfel, Roter Herren, Roter Herrnapfel, Roter Kaiser Apfel, Roter Kirsch, Roter Mark, Roter Rostocker, Roter Rubin, Roter Steinhurdlecher, Roter Wein, Roter Wiener, Roter Winter, Roter Zwiebel, Rothapfel, Rothe Hernapfel, Rothe Herrnapfel, Rothe Stettiner, Rother Bietigheimer, Rother Hern, Rother Herren, Rother Herrenapfel, Rother Kaiser, Rother Stettiner, Rother Zwiebel, Rother Zwiebelapfel, Rothvogel, Rotvogel, Rotwiener, Rouge de Stettin, Rubiner, Sauer, Sauerbreitling, Schuller, Schwer, Seiden, Seigneur, Seigneur Rouge, Shchetina, Shchetinka, Shtetin polskii, Shtettinskoe krasnoe, Spater Belichheimer, Spater Calville, Spater Calviller, Stetinske, Stetinske cervene, Stetinskoe Krasnoe, Stettin Rouge, Stettiner, Stettiner Rosenapfel, Stettiner Roter, Stettiner rother, Stettiner Rouge, Stetting Rouge, Strohmer, Stromer, Sztetyna czerwona, Torock-Balint alma, Torok Balint, Tragamoner, Turkischer Weinling, Vejlimek cerveny, Vejlimek chocholaty, Vineuse Rouge, Vineuse Rouge d'Hiver, Wiener-Apfel, Winter Sussapfel, Winter Wollenschlager, Winter-Apfel, Winter-Wollenschlager, Wintersuss, Wittlaboth, Zweibel Apfel, Zweibelapfel, Zwiebel, Zwiebel Apfel, Zwiebelapfel
Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

Accession No.
1948 - 409


Accession name
Roter Stettiner
Flowering time  ›››
3rd May10% flowering
8th MayFull (80%) flowering
15th May90% petal fall
Picking time
Late October 1
large 1
Globose 1
67.46 mm 1
79.21 mm 1
medium 1
weak-medium 1
Ground Colour
Whitish green 1
Over Colour
Pink 1
Over Colour Amount
medium-high 1
Over Colour Pattern
washed out/solid flush 1
very low 1
crisp 1
fine 1
Flesh Colour
Greenish 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register