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Bulmer's Norman

Cider apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Originally an unnamed variety imported from Normandy, France. It was developed by H.P. Bulmer & Co., Ltd., in Hereford, England. Fruits are medium to large. Produces a good yield but tends to be biennial. The flesh is white with a woolly texture and a sweet but astringent flavour. Triploid. Trees are very vigorous and with a spreading habit and branch breakage can occur when the crop is heavy. Susceptible to scab. Fruits produce a bittersweet, fast-fermenting medium cider.

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.
Material held in Tidnor Wood National Collection® of Malus (Cider making)

Accession No.
1989 - 070


Accession name
Bulmer's Norman
Flowering time  ›››
2nd May10% flowering
4th MayFull (80%) flowering
11th May90% petal fall
Picking time
Mid October 1
small-medium 1
Globose conical 1
44.07 mm 1
57.13 mm 1
strong 1
weak-medium 1
Ground Colour
Whitish yellow 1
Over Colour
n/a 1
Over Colour Amount
absent 1
Over Colour Pattern
n/a 1
low 1
Flesh Colour
White 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register