Court Pendu Plat

Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

This variety originated in Europe. It was first described in about 1613 but believed to be much older than this. It was also called 'Wise Apple' because it flowers late and escapes spring frost damage. Fruits have very firm, fine-textured, juicy flesh which is sweet with a pleasant, slightly aromatic flavour.

Belgischer Kurzstiel, Belin, Belle de Senart, Capendu, Carpendola reale, Corianda Rose, Coriander Rose, Coriandra Rose, Coriandre Rose, Cortipendola regale, Cour Pendu Plat, Cour-Pendu Extra, Cour-Pendu Musque, Cour-Pendu Rond Gros, Cour-Pendu Rouge Musque, Courpandu Vermeil, Courpendu, Courpendu Musque, Courpendu Plat, Courpendu Reinette, Courpendu Rosat, Courpendu Rose, Courpendu Rouge, Courpendu Rouge Musque, Courpendu Vermeil, Court Pendu, Court Pendu Extra, Court Pendu Musque, Court Pendu Musquee, Court Pendu Plat Rougeatre, Court Pendu Reinette, Court Pendu Rond Gros, Court Pendu Rond Tres Gros, Court Pendu Rosat, Court Pendu Rose, Court Pendu Rouge Musque, Court Pendu Rouge Royal, Court Pendu Rouge Royale, Court Pendu Rougeatre, Court Pendu Royal, Court Pendu Vermeil, Court Queue, Court-Pendu, Court-Pendu Dur, Court-Pendu Extra, Court-Pendu Musque, Court-Pendu Musquee, Court-Pendu Plat, Court-Pendu Plat Musque, Court-Pendu Plat Rougeatre, Court-Pendu Reinette, Court-Pendu Rond Gros, Court-Pendu Rond Rougeatre, Court-Pendu Rond Tres Gros, Court-Pendu Rosaar, Court-Pendu Rosat, Court-Pendu Rose, Court-Pendu Rouge, Court-Pendu Rouge Musque, Court-Pendu Rouge Royale, Court-Pendu Royal, Court-Pendu Sanguin, Court-Pendu Vermeil, Court-Pendu-Plat, Court-Pendu-Rouge Musque, Court-Queue, Courte Queue, Courte-Queue, Courtpendu Plat, Courtpendu Rosaar, Courtpendu Rouge, Crops-Pendante, de Belin, de Berlin, de Bertin, de Garnon, de Spitzemberg, Der Rothe Kurzstiel, Garnon's, Garnon's Apple, Garnon's Pippin, Garnons, Garrnons, Garron's Apple, Gourte Queue, Gros Capendu rouge, Gros-Capendu rouge, Kasapgel, Kiralyi Kurtaszaru, Kongelig Kortistilk, Koniglicher Kurzstiel, Koniglicher Roter Kurzstiel, Konigs Kurzstiel, Korolevskaia Korotkonojka, Korotkonozhka korolevskaia, Korpendu Rode, Kratkostopka Kralovska, Kratkostopkar Kralovsky, Krolewska, Krotkonozka, Kurzstiel, Pomme de Belin, Pomme de Berlin, Pomme de Garnon, Pomme de Spitzemberg, Pomme de Spitzenberg, Pomme Pendante, Princess Noble Zoete, Princesse Noble Zoete, Prudente, Reinet van Goslinga, Reinetta de Portugal, Reinette Court-Pendu, Reinette Court-Pendu Rouge, Reinette Courtpendu Rouge, Reinette de Belges, Reinette de Capendu, Reinette de Hongrie, Reinette de Portugal, Reinette Plate d'Hiver, Reinette Rose, Reinette van Goslinga, Reneta Krotkonozka, Rienette de la Russie Temperee, Rod Kortstilk, Rode Korpendu, Rosenfarbiger Kurzstiel, Roter Kurzstiel, Rothe Kurzstiel, Rother Kurzstiel, Royal Court-Pendu, Russian, Russian Apple, Spitzemberg, The Courtpendu Apple, Turtit cu coata scurta, Tyvestrup, Veuve Leroy, Wallaton Pippin, Wise Apple, Wize, Wollaton Pippin, Woolaton Pippin, Woollaton Pippin, Zlatnatko Kralovske, Zlatousek Kratkostopkaty

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

Mother to:
Laxton's Rearguard

Father to:
Old Fred
Laxton's Royalty
Oxford Conquest

Accession No.
1948 - 328   fingerprint   check_circle

Accession name
Court Pendu Plat

Flowering time
20th May 10% flowering
26th May Full (80%) flowering
4th June 90% petal fall

Picking time
Mid October 1

medium 1

Dessert 1

Flat 1

47.86 mm 1

64.62 mm 1

weak 1

weak-medium 1

Ground Colour
Green yellow 1

Over Colour (Amount)
low 1

Over Colour
Orange 1

Over Colour (Pattern)
striped/mottled 1

low 1

firm 1

crisp 1

dry 1

Flesh Colour
Yellowish 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register