White Transparent

Culinary / Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Introduced to Western Europe in the mid 1800s from Russia or the Baltic States. Fruits have white, rather coarse-textured flesh with an acid and a little sweet flavour. Soon becomes woolly and dry.

Alebastrovoe, Belui nalif, Belui naliv, Bely naliv, Belya naliv, Belyi naliv nastoiascii, Biala prozracina, Biali Nalew, Bjalij naliv, Charlottentaler, Charlottenthaler, Clar Alb, de Revel, Durchsichtiger Sommerapfel, Feher Clar, Fransk Gylling, Franzosischer Sommerapfel, Grand Sultan, Grand-Sultan, Gustav I's Munapple, Hvit Astrakan, Hvit Klarann, Hvitt Klarapple, Inflancka, Inflanckie, Jaune Transparente, Jellow Transparent, Klarapfel, Klargylling, Kornapfel, Livlander Klarapfel, Naliv beli, Naliv Belui, Naliv skvoznoi, Naliv Transparent, Nalivnoe beloe, Nalivnoie Beloie, Nalivnoje Beloje, Naliw Bjelyi, Naliwjoje heloje, Oogstappel, Paperovka, Paperuvka, Papierdwka biala, Papierowka biela, Papierowka letnia, Papirovka, Papirowka, Pipierowka letnia, Pipka Alebastrovaya, Polnischer Papierapfel, Pomme d'Aout, Pomme d'Astracan Blanche, Pomme d'Or, Pomme de Revel, Pomme Transparente, Pomme Transparente Blanche, Pomme Transparente Jaune, Prozracinoe beloe, Prusvitne Zlute, Scharlottenthaler Golba, Sen Vitgul Astrakan, Sklenene zlute, Transparent Blanch, Transparent Blanche, Transparent de St. Leger, Transparent de Zurich, Transparent Jaune, Transparente, Transparente Blanche, Transparente Blanche de St. Leger, Transparente d'Astracan, Transparente d'Ete, Transparente de Moskovie, Transparente de Muscovie d'EtT, Transparente de Saint-Leger, Transparente de St. Leger, Transparente de Zurich, Transparente Jaune, Vinapple, Vitt Klarapple, Weisser Klarapfel, Weisser Transparent, Weisser Transparentapfel, Weisser Transparente, White Transparente, Yellow Transparent, Yellow Transparente

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

Mother to:
Early McIntosh

Father to:

Accession No.
2000 - 096   fingerprint   check_circle

Accession name
White Transparent

Flowering time
1st May 10% flowering
6th May Full (80%) flowering
14th May 90% petal fall

Picking time
Late July 1

medium 1

Culinary / Dessert 1

Truncate conical 1

weak-medium 1

medium 1

Ground Colour
Whitish yellow 1

Over Colour (Amount)
absent 1

Over Colour
n/a 1

Over Colour (Pattern)
n/a 1

very low 1

Medium 1

crisp 1

coarse 1

juicy 1

Flesh Colour
White 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register