Danziger Kantapfel

Culinary / Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Thought to have arisen from the Danzig area, Poland. It was first mentioned in 1760. Fruits have fairly firm flesh with a sweet subacid, slightly aromatic flavour. Flesh is often stained red under the skin.

Abraham's Apfel, Angolosa Danzica, Apfelmuser, Bendleber Rosen, Bentlebener Rosen Apfel, Bentlebener Rosenapfel, Bentleber, Bentleber Rose, Bentleber Rosen, Bentleber Rosenapfel, Calleville de Dantzick, Calvil de Danzig, Calvillartige Winter-Rosenapfel, Calvillartiger Winter Rosen Apfel, Calvillartiger Winterrosenapfel, Calville de Dantzick, Calville de Dantzig, Calville de Danzig, Calville du Dantzig, Cousinotte d'Automne, d'Amour Rouge, Danczigi bordas, Dansky Hranac, Dantigska rabesta, Dantigskoe rebristoe, Dantsigskoe rebristoe, Dantzig a cotes, Dantziger Kant, Dantziger Kantaeble, Dantziger Kantapfel, Dantziger Kantappel, Dantziger Kantapple, Danziger Kant, Danziger Kant Apfel, Danziger Kantaeble, Danziger Kantapple, Danziger Kantæble, Danzigsapple, Danzingi bordas, Ditrichs Winter-Rosenapfel, Erd Beere, Erdbeerapfel, Florentiner, Gdansky hranac, Geddeholm's Calville Rouge, Geddeholms Calville Rouge, Grosser Roter Herbst Faros, Grosser Roter Herbst-Faros, Grosser Rother Herbst Faros, Himbeerapfel, Hranac Gdansky, Kant Appel, Kantapfel, Kantapfel Danziger, Kantowka Gdanska, Laurentius Apfel, Lorenz Apfel, Lorenzapfel, Mainapfel, Marien Apfel, Marienapfel, Mela Fiorentina, Paradies Apfel, Paradiesapfel, Pomme d'Amour rouge, Pomme de Danztig a Cotes, Pomme Rose, Pomme-Fraise, Pomme-Framboise, Principaler, Rella, Rhode Kant, Rode Kant Apfel, Rode Kant Appel, Roode Kant, Rose d'Hiver, Rose d'Hiver en forme de Calville, Rose de Bentleber, Rosen Apfel, Rosenapfel, Rosenfarbener Gestreifter Herbst Cousinot, Rosenhager, Roter Apollo, Roter Calvill, Roter Cardinal, Roter Kantapfel, Roter Liebes Apfel, Roter Liebesapfel, Roter Mark Apfel, Roter Markapfel, Roter Wulstling, Roter Zwiebel Apfel, Rubiner, Safstaholm's Rode Winter Rambour, Safstaholms Roda Winter Rambour, Saftstaholm Rode Winter Rambour, Saftstaholms roda, Schmutzer, Schwabischer, Schwabischer Rosen Apfel, Schwabischer Rosenapfel, Sommerer, Spater Weinapfel, Tiefbutz, Tiefbutzer, Winter Rambour, Winter Rosen, Winter Rosen Apfel, Winter Rosenapfel, Zebernac Gdansky

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

medium-large 2

Culinary / Dessert 2

Truncate conical 2

56.50 mm 2

68.00 mm 2

strong 2

Ground Colour
Green yellow 2

Over Colour (Amount)
high-very high 2

Over Colour
Brown 2

Over Colour (Pattern)
streaked 2

very low 2

medium 2

medium 2

Flesh Colour
Yellowish 2

Accession No.
1948 - 656   fingerprint   check_circle

Accession name
Danziger Kantapfel

Flowering time
7th May 10% flowering
12th May Full (80%) flowering
19th May 90% petal fall

Picking time
Early September 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register