Fall Pippin

Culinary / Dessert apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Originated in the USA and first recorded in 1806. Fruits have moderately firm, fine, tender flesh with a subacid and aromatic flavour.

American Fall, American Fall Pippin, Autumn Pippin, Cat Head, Cobbet's Fall, Cobbet's Fall Pippin, Cobbett's Fall, Cobbett's Fall Pippin, Concombre Ancien, Corbett's Fall Pippin, Corbett's Tall Pippin, de Rateau, Episcopal, Golden Pippin, Holland Pippin, Pepin d'Automne, Philadelphia Pippin, Pound Pippin, Pound Royal, Prince's Large Pippin, Reinette Blanche d'Espagne, Reinnete Blanche d'Espagne, Sudlow's Fall Pippin, Summer Pippin, Van Duym's Pippin, Van Dyn's Pippin, York, York Pippin

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

Accession No.
1948 - 638   fingerprint   check_circle

Accession name
Fall Pippin

Flowering time
6th May 10% flowering
12th May Full (80%) flowering
20th May 90% petal fall

Picking time
Mid September 1

large 1

Culinary / Dessert 1

Globose conical 1

weak 1

Ground Colour
Green yellow 1

Over Colour (Amount)
absent 1

Over Colour (Pattern)
washed out 1

medium-firm 1

fine-medium 1

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register